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Our Drink Driving Solicitors saves another driving licence for one of our clients. Simon explains how Geoffrey Millers Solicitors puts his mind at ease and from beginning to end the service was fantastic. Simon did not loose his licence he was found not guilty and his fees were refunded.
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Pages of legal information, written by our lawyers for you. Cleveland Drink Driving Lawyers Expert Drink Driving Solicitors. We Fight Harder For Your Rights! If the police have charged you with a Drink Driving or Drug Driving offence, or you believe they are about to, its time to get represented!
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Our specialist Drink Driving Solicitors can look into all the elements of your drunk driving offence and build a defence on that basis; but speed is the key so contact us for a free initial consultation as soon as you can, so we can advise you about your drunk driving offence.
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We also called his family as witnesses that he had drunk the brandies after driving. One of our drink driving solicitors represented him in court, and he received the following verdict: not guilty, with a warning from the magistrates to take more care when driving.
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DRINK DRIVING SOLICITORS. Geoffrey Miller Solicitors are specialist Drink Driving Solicitors with offices in Manchester and London. Call our team of expert drink driving solicitors for some free initial advice. Do you want to talk to the Drink Driving Solicitors who.
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You can be guilty of this offence just by sitting in the car while over the drink driving limit. Being in charge of a vehicle is not defined by the 1988 Road Traffic Act and is therefore a matter of fact. This then involves argument. The offence falls into two distinct classes: whether you are the lawful owner or possessor of the vehicle, or the recent driver. A defence against this charge will usually relate to proving that there was no likelihood of you driving the vehicle while over the limit. To mount any sort of defence against these charges it is critical that you contact us at the earliest opportunity. Name Telephone Email Message Your Location What is 22? Sheffield Head office: 9-12 East Parade, Sheffield, S1 2ET. Sheffield office: 72 Queen Street, Sheffield, S1 1WR. Rotherham: 69 Broad Street, Parkgate, Rotherham, S62 6DU. Killamarsh: 21-23 Bridge Street, Killamarsh, Sheffield, S21 1AH. Norrie Waite Slater is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority no.
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Michael J Staines Company Solicitors are a leading authority in the defence of drink and drug driving prosecutions. In the case of DPP v Avadenei, the firm successfully argued that the printed statement produced following the Evidenzer test conducted on our client was not valid because it was in English only.
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Drink Driving Solicitors. At Cartwright King we have a national team of Drink Driving Solicitors who are on hand to defend your licence. We understand how important your licence is which is why we provide free initial telephone advice on our dedicated motoring line.
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As specialist drink driving solicitors, we understand the strict procedures that the Police must adhere to and have vast experience with the sentencing guidelines that the Courts will apply. We will help you in presenting any evidence that will allow the Courts to deal with you fairly and leniently.
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Enter the details below to find out. Have you been convicted of drink driving within the last 10 years? What type of sample did you provide. What was the level reading for Breathml. 120 150 and above. What was the level reading for Bloodml. 276 345 and above. What was the level reading for Urineml. 367 459 and above. The penalty you will receive.: Save your licence. Our team of expert solicitors are on hand to answer any questions you have.

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